“Every living thing has a diet, what is yours?”

The word diet comes from the latin
word diaeta which means, ‘way of life.’

After a major turn-around in his own
health, the elimination of life-long
allergies, avoiding surgery and losing
over 30 pounds, Edmeades started a
ten-year exploration into human
history, diet and nutrition that would
take him on an Indiana Jones-like
journey through museums, universities
and the most remote areas of Africa where he spent time with some of the last truly nomadic people on the planet.

His exciting new book, The Human Diet, finally answers the questions people have been asking:

1) What should people really be eating?
2) How much exercise do we really need?
3) What foods should people be avoiding?

  1. 4)What is the role disease plays in human life?

  2. 5)How can we attain optimal body size and weight?

Find out how your ancestors have lived for millions
of years and, at the same time, find out what you
need to do to bring your life into alignment with
the design if your body.